The aim of the project is a versatile modular boat. It is designed primarily for travel, leisure activities, as well as an experimental platform. It can sail across rivers, lakes and seas in various configurations. It can be easily folded, stored, transported. In the folded state, it can be transported by car, there is no need for a special trailer. The technical solution is aimed at maximum simplicity, easy production, ease of use and low cost. Documentation, plans and technical solutions will be freely available for amateur builders and non-commercial use.

The concept is based on a two hulls catamaran. The basis is two inflatable hulls fitted with simple assembly elements in four rows and a regular 300mm(11,8in) raster. Both the material and the reinforcement on the bottom of the hull are the same as in the river raft. The self-supporting deck has 150mm(5,9in) square grid of holes for mounting various accessories and crew equipment. The main connecting elements are ropes and simple couplings. In the field of rigging and other equipment, elements, materials and solutions are often used that are no longer used in existing hi-tech sporting boats, but bring a much better price/performance ratio. They also often have a longer service life and lower maintenance requirements.

In the configuration of a wide catamaran, a sailboat, is ship’s capacity 1-4 persons, with plenty of space for their travel equipment and material. The length of the boat is always 16.4ft(5m) and width in a wide configuration up to 7.5ft(2.3m). The hull diameter, the float is 1.64ft(0.5m).
In the engine version, the capacity is 1-8 people.
The configuration of the raft, the narrow configuration, the drive dropped, is a capacity of 4-8 people. Due to the different construction compared to the standard raft, the boat will have significantly better shipping properties – low resistance in water. So four people would have to be a very good crew even when paddling. Seamless usability is expected in WWII or WWIII river difficulty.

Currently the project is in draft with unfinished details of some key components. It is planned to build a prototype and practical tests of the components and the whole of the ship. The plan also includes the development and publication of detailed documentation and drawings of all key elements. Also, it will establish cooperation with the commercial sector, creating a public database of manufacturers and suppliers of components, modules and entire kits of this boat.

Configuring narrow raft after moderate water flows.
Motor Configuration.
Shed or tent.
Narrow version on the river.